Capitol Communicator is reaching out to readers to see if they have a crystal ball that can  predict what’s ahead in 2020. We posted predictions from Ironmark, MDB Communications, RP3 Agency and Yes@ in Insights and others are below. 

Matt Smith, CEO of SmithGifford, tells us that “in 2020 as in 2019, we will see a creative trend for brands to DO GOOD – we are seeing it already. Brands all want to be associated with doing good for all. It’s  a mixed blessing. Because it’s wonderful for brands to push a bigger message out there. To make being a good person a collective .. well .. good thing. And sadly, yes sadly, because many brands are just saying it, it will ruin the term and become an empty cliche. I am seeing this with our own brand as an agency. Good People Good Work. It’s lost it’s true meaning with everyone saying it. Its sad because it’s a really hard thing to really be. And now lost in the over use of the words. Maybe we need a New And Improved All Natural term for Good.”

Rachel Caggiano, Managing Director of Ogilvy DC,  predicts that “we are going to see the continued renaissance of the D.C. creative community. It will continue to deepen in its vibrancy and grow – and DC is going to rank higher and higher as one of the most creative cities in America. We’ll see more brands following in Amazon’s footsteps and setting up headquarters here in the Nation’s capital to take advantage of this intersection of creativity and power.”

Jason Siegel, Partner, Bluetext, predicts that in 2020 “more brands will have a LIVE video initiative.  With LIVE social video getting more engagement then produced video, brands will be forced to go LIVE!”

Rob Whittle, CEO of Williams Whittle, tells Capitol Communicator that “most of our clients’ budgets are known to us by now so I can confidently predict a strong 2020. The nonprofit sector is where we play, and donations and balance sheets are strong, thanks to a booming economy. Color me bullish.”

Laura Van Eperen, CEO of Van Eperen: “Digital integration will be big.  Smart, seasoned communicators will be able to take all the metrics and apply critical thinking to inform organizations the best way to meet their goals within their budgets…reasonable budgets, that is.”

Linda Roth, founder and CEO of Linda Roth Associates: We are seeing D.C. significantly increase its national and international presence in the hospitality industry and related fields, leading to more — and sometimes surprising — productive partnerships. There are more creative connector opportunities to take advantage of in 2020.

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