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What’s New in Social Media

by | Jun 7, 2016

We sometimes forget to periodically check in and keep up-to-date on important news in our industry. So while you were enjoying the beautiful weather this past weekend, Carousel30 spotted a few updates you may be interested in. Keep reading to find out what you may have missed during your time spent in the sun.

Google Updates

After Google’s recent I/O conference, there has been a number of new updates. In an effort to provide a more relatable experience for users, Google’s virtual assistant, Allo, will be given a personality and backstory. Google has also created a new open-source software in the form of AnyPixel.js, where developers can create their own large, interactive displays. If you’re into creating lists, Google Keep has been updated with a new design and additional capabilities which include the ability to link items to websites and pictures, plus a new autocomplete feature that helps auto-create lists based on previous behavior. Although Google on Tap launched last year, it has recently been updated to allow Android users to search Google from anywhere on their phone by means of text, images or voice. Google has also made it easier for Android users to find lost phones by simply Googling, “find my phone.”

In regards to SEO, while the speed of mobile pages does not currently impact search rankings, Google announced that mobile page speed may affect site ranking in coming months. Google has also released new Search Console reports that help developers confirm that rich card markups are valid. A new Structured Data Testing tool has also been released that allow developers to preview how the rich cards will look within search results. In addition, Google is now utilizing real-time indexing to provide searchers content in real-time.

Social Media Updates

Social media updates the past few weeks share the common theme of providing users with real-time information that provides benefits far beyond a post’s lifetime.Twitter’s first 360 degree videos aired during the NBA finals, giving users a behind-the-scenes look at team warm-ups and game scenes. Twitter also released a new batch of emojis. Facebook seems to be on the same page with a similar announcement that 1,500 new emojis would be released, which will include emojis in honor of Justin Bieber. Although Facebook’s artificial intelligence system (also known as “DeepText”) is encountering some privacy implications as it analyzes thousands of posts per second, with near-human accuracy, the platform will soon be able to provide posts, messages and status recommendations for Facebook users.

Tinder has also released a new feature in the EU that provides users benefits in addition to finding a partner. Tinder is helping Brits understand politics by means of a true-or-false quiz within the app that covers benefits and human rights. The goal is to help provide individuals with a better understanding of political issues prior to voting on June 23. The UEFA Euro 2016 soccer tournament is also giving social media users the opportunity to light up the Eiffel Tower in the country’s colors based on who receives the most social activity across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And, with a majority of social media platforms implementing new updates, it’s now Snapchat’s turn. Snapchat has reportedly passed Twitter’s daily users of 150 million, and is looking to redesign the Discover section to look similar to Instagram’s feed.

AdWords Updates

After Google’s updates to the advertisement layout seen within search results, research has shown that advertisements in positions 1, 3 and 4 have seen an increase in clickthrough rate (CTR), where those in position 2 have seen no increase in CTR. In addition, CPCs increased for positions 1 and 2, but have dropped for 3 and 4. If you’re an advertiser looking to improve ad ranking and are promoting phone numbers in ads through call extensions, try using a vanity number as these receive a 75.4% higher recall rate than non-vanity numbers. AdWords has also expanded text ads by 45 characters and now provides space for an additional URL placement. The advertising platform is also now giving advertisers the opportunity to link accounts with Salesforce to track conversions and identify top performing keywords.


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Greg Kihlström

Greg is an award-winning digital strategist, creative director, author and speaker. He is currently SVP Digital at Yes& (a Capitol Communicator Sponsor) as of Fall 2017 when Carousel30, the agency he founded, was acquired. He has worked with brands such as AARP, AOL, Booz Allen Hamilton, Choice Hotels, GEICO, Howard University, Marriott, MTV, The Nature Conservancy, Porsche, Toyota, United Nations and others. His work has won awards from the ADDYs, Webbys and others, been featured in books by HarperCollins and Rockport Press, publications such as Advertising Age, Communication Arts, Web Designer and Website magazine. He currently serve as VP of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) District 2, and as a Board Member of the Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business Marketing Industry Mentoring Board (MIMB). He is Past President of AAF DC, and served on the National Board of AAF, Board of Trustees of the Trust for the George Washington Memorial Parkway, the Board of AIGA DC, and the Trust for the National Mall's National Advisory Board.


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