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Capitol Communicator reports that ZIPS Cleaners® taps Response Labs to steward and enhance omnichannel CRM.

ZIPS Cleaners® taps Response Labs to steward and enhance omnichannel CRM

by | May 20, 2023

By Juliana Spadaro, Response Labs

ZIPS Cleaners, a business that disrupted and optimized the dry cleaning and laundry industry, is entrusting stewardship of their HubSpot CRM platform and strategy and programmatic paid media efforts to Response Labs.  With a desire to establish a more personalized, omnichannel experience for their customers, this exciting responsibility spans several areas:

  • Data maintenance, optimization, and segmentation generation to begin creating personalized communications with their customers.
  • Stand-up marketing analysis and testing of campaigns, audiences, messages, and programs to fortify the strongest collection of revenue-driving communications.
  • Always-on and available campaign reporting and analytics that drive constant optimizations and improvements.
  • Best-in-class email marketing paired with evergreen and campaign-based programmatic paid media to create a seamless omnichannel experience for new and existing customers.

“We’re thrilled to partner with ZIPS Cleaners and take their CRM and programmatic media campaigns to the next level,” states Jen Aldinger, a Response Labs Partner and Director of Client Service. “As a  company with rich data, it feels like we have endless opportunities to establish a powerful, 1:1  omnichannel experience for ZIPS customers. We’re excited to partner with their team of in-house experts and partner agencies to make ZIPS Cleaners a sought-after destination.”

Response Labs and ZIPS Cleaners began working together in April 2023, diving into a comprehensive audit of ZIPS Cleaners’ HubSpot instance and preparing to launch new media campaigns. Response Labs will also support ZIPS Cleaners as the brand continues to navigate a rapidly changing industry that is less focused on traditional dry cleaning and more focused on wash-and-fold laundry services, athleisure apparel, and sustainability. By combining service industry experience, omnichannel expertise, and data-driven thinking, Response Labs is poised to help ZIPS Cleaners continue to lead innovation within the industry.

“We decided to partner with Response Labs because of the data-driven approach they bring to the table. They are experts in finding the right segment and crafting campaigns to reach those segments in a personalized way that we feel will take our revenue and company growth to the next level,” said Brooks Walter, Director of Marketing for ZIPS Cleaners. “They really bring the full kit of services and expertise we need from our agency partner, and we’re excited to build something great together.”

ZIPS Cleaners may not have invented dry cleaning, but through the brand’s commitment to efficiency at all levels, ZIPS Cleaners has perfected the craft. In particular, ZIPS Cleaners does dry cleaning differently than most competitors. The company keeps most of its garments in its locations, rarely outsourcing work, which enables them to reduce the amount of time needed to dry clean and the risk of losing garments. ZIPS Cleaners also utilizes cutting-edge technology and equipment, like a POS system the brand custom-built to manage transactions, track garments, and workflows. And ZIPS Cleaners managed to maintain their commitment to convenient, affordable, and fast services that prioritize garment cleanliness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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