RP3, an agency based in Bethesda, Md, provided three predictions on what’s ahead as we move into the new year.  They are:

My prediction for 2019 is that successful brands will continue to focus less on traditional “commercial” advertising that pushes messaging on their existing and prospective customers. Instead, brands must augment these efforts with more personal storytelling that pulls audiences in with compelling (predominantly video) content. This can be achieved through paid partnerships with trusted media publishers that develop branded content on behalf of advertisers, but whenever possible they should rely more heavily on their owned channels and social media. This requires agencies and advertisers alike to have a nimble solution in place for developing strategy, creation and amplification of content that keeps up with the speed of changing social conversations and shifting consumer interests to see meaningful ROI.

Chris Finnegan, Executive Media Director

I always think of the Super Bowl as a barometer for what types of approaches brands will take throughout the following year. With the economy booming and people becoming numb to all things Trump, I think brands will no longer feel the urge to make statements about values and unity, and will be more confident going with irreverent humor. So after a few years of disappointing, overly serious ads, I’m hoping for a return to funny at Super Bowl LIII.

-Jim Lansbury, Founder, Chief Creative Officer

My prediction is an acceleration in the trend of larger brands seeking the power of smaller, more agile and efficient creative agencies.  Big brands are willing to use smaller, proven agencies to replace or complement a traditional AOR and no longer feel compelled to simply accept bloated timelines and budget requirements to get to great creative. More and more smaller, faster agencies are emerging to meet the need of rapid content creation. While many of the larger agencies are reacting by creating smaller teams within the agency, they are seeing varying degrees of success.  Even though they are positioned as smaller, faster, more efficient content creators, they still sit within the larger agency structure and often cannot operate as intended. While smaller creative agencies that were born nimble, naturally operate in a way that gets to great work faster and more efficiently.

-Chad Saul, Executive Director of Business Development

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