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Cade Martin Photographs Marriott Rewards Megabonus Campaign

by | Jul 7, 2017

Cade Martin, the award-winning photographer who, among other projects, photographs Capitol Communicator’s Up Close and Personal profiles, has completed a Marriott Rewards Megabonus campaign .  He told Capitol Communicator, “it’s always fun when a super recognizable brand asks you to create something….a little quirky. This Marriott Rewards Megabonus campaign fit the bill. The concept was “Feel Like a Winner” and they were aiming for the campaign to have a feeling best described as ultra-nerdy hero. While the subjects take themselves very seriously in their endeavors – to the outsider it’s almost sweetly comical. But like the loveable underdog, the one so many of us harbor a bit of ourselves – we’re with them – celebrating their victories and drive to win. It’s simply about winning.

“The request was five shots in total; three portraits, two still lifes.


“The portraits are all set in the context of home, as if a proud parent took the picture. The sets feel authentic, a little bit dated – not the polished commercial “home” you often see. These winners aren’t models or ideals, they’re all of us. To achieve the most realistic series of pictures we set up the subjects looking directly into camera, maybe hot direct lighting, maybe strong shadows, almost like a “retro” filter on an Instagram shot. They are holding trophies, medals, and plaques.

“We don’t need to know what event or skill they have won these awards for. The ambiguity is purposeful, but we know these aren’t Olympians. Their expressions are neutral with the slightest hint of slightly awkward pride.

“The Marriott team, with creative director KD Cantarella leading the way, was a true pleasure to work with. The Megabonus marketing campaign was well-received and got great results ending up as one of Marriott Rewards’ highest revenue-generating promotions, and much of this was attributed to breakthrough creative.  The project – bringing to life the loveable loser/winners that they’d conceptualized – was unique and ultimately a lot of fun.”

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