Cade Martin, the award-winning photographer who photographs Capitol Communicator’s Up Close and Personal profiles has completed an assignment involving real Volkswagen tales.

Cade told Capitol Communicator that “people love their cars. And certain makes inspire true, deep loyalty in their drivers. When ISL asked me to make portraits of real people and their real cars, it was an easy “yes” to having an opportunity to capture this kind of VW love.

“We went to a racetrack outside of LA on one of those unforgiving hot days. I captured people with their actual VW cars, telling their authentic VW love stories.

“Working with all available light and a skeleton crew, we just wandered the grounds and allowed ourselves to be pulled in and inspired by people who looked like they had a tale to tell.

“It was a great day working with Paul Dunbar, art director from ISL, and the pro crew on this project.”

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