Cade Martin, the D.C.-based photographer behind Capitol Communicator’s Up Close and Personal profile series, is now focusing on toilet seats. Not just any toilet seat, but toilet seats in Texas. But, not just any toilet seat in Texas.  Cade went to a toilet seat art museum in San Antonio. To be precise, Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum.

Cade told us that one of the things he loves about what he does “is getting access to a place or a person that I didn’t know even existed before they contacted me.  A big part of what keeps me going is the love of an adventure and to have – and share – these experiences with people and their stories.​

“Ketchum contacted me in regards to working a project for Clorox. Working with creative director Ken Buraker, we headed to San Antonio and Barney’s museum. In addition to creating a series of images of Barney, we set up an outdoor available-light studio in the 100 degree Texas heat and photographed the objects that inspired us – Clean, minimalistic and graphically interesting.

“I loved this so much. It’s bananas!!

“What do you do after toilet seats? What’s next? Honestly, I want to go where I don’t know I want to go yet.”

According to Cade, if you are in San Antonio, “Barney’s Toilet Seat Museum should really be on your must visit list.  Barney himself is an American treasure. And he has a ton of stories to tell. The museum is located in his garage, so it’s small but there it’s overflowing with stuff to see.”

Check out Cade’s behind-the-scenes look at his toilet seat museum photo shoot.

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