BRINK is a creative digital agency who believes there is a lot of waste among marketing and communications agencies: waste in time, resources and opportunity. This is why the agency of record is becoming an endangered species and more innovative brands are building in-house content studios. Agencies have to adapt to survive.

That is the our mission with the BRINKdown, a monthly series that cuts through the nonsense and examines the practical actions we should be taking to best serve our clients. The series is produced by BRINK, a DC-based creative studio that connects art and technology to solve human problems. BRINK recently launched a unique lightweight content studio called the Social Studio, learn more at:

Episode 3, below, focuses on the value that a strong social strategy can bring to a political campaign. As we all observed in the 2016 presidential campaign, the marriage of a hyper-targeted paid media approach with aligned, issue specific creative has the potential to make a big impact. Smart campaign managers are making pivots away from their long-time, trusted traditional methods and towards social media and the power of digital content.

About the author: Samantha Stern, Senior Strategist at BRINK, is a true digital connoisseur. She inhales the latest social media coverage and exhales strategies. Sam holds a B.A. in PR and Advertising from the University of Hartford. She has 6+ years of agency experience working in the social media and brand strategy sphere. During her career, she has worked to shape and strengthen national-level brand’s social campaigns including major CPG, food and bev, hospitality and tech focused clients.  She can be reached at

(Check out episodes one and two). 

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