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The BRINKdown Episode 2: Consumers Want Brands to be Politically Engaged

by | Apr 6, 2018

BRINK is a creative digital agency who believes there is a lot of waste among marketing and communications agencies: waste in time, resources and opportunity. This is why the agency of record is becoming an endangered species and more innovative brands are building in-house content studios. Agencies have to adapt to survive.

That is the our mission with the BRINKdown, a series that cuts the nonsense and examines the practical actions we should be taking to best serve our clients. The series is produced by BRINK, a DC-based creative studio that connects art and technology to solve human problems. BRINK recently launched a unique lightweight content studio called the Social Studio, learn more at: brinksocial.com

Episode 2, below, focuses on what brands gain when they are politically active. In an environment of divisive politics and growing distrust of public institutions, many people are clamoring to be more civically engaged. If we as people are becoming more political, it should stand to reason that we as consumers are as well. If we as consumers are, then brands should follow suit because the benefits outweigh the risk.

Check out BRINKdown Episode 1 here.

(Brink is a Capitol Communicator sponsor.)

About the Author

Joshua Belhumeur

There are two kinds of people in this world: generalists and specialists. Josh lands right on the BRINK. He is a big-picture thinker who finds the devil in the details to connect his curiosity, drive, and knowledge. Proving himself as a talented freelance developer before he was old enough to drive, Josh eventually landed at BRINK as Lead Developer, helping nab a TIME Magazine “50 Best Websites” award for Kevin Spacey’s ambitious filmmakers community TriggerStreet.com, and developing the world’s first social media donation app for PayPal, used by the Obama and Clinton campaigns, the Red Cross and the United Way. By 2011, Josh earned an expanded role as lead business strategist for BRINK and led dramatic growth from a handful of web developers in a garage to a full-service digital agency with two content studios, and a broad staff of strategists, technologists and creatives. Today as Managing Partner, it's Josh's vision and leadership that helps BRINK continue to innovate. Josh has a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Arizona and has earned a variety of accolades throughout his 15 year career including Webby and American Advertising awards and a "world's greatest boss" coffee mug he bought himself at a Yuma gas station. In addition to being a skilled designer, developer, writer and strategist, he is also an amateur filmmaker and sub-amateur bourbon aficionado. In his non-existent free time, Josh consults with tech startups and volunteers with AAF DC, Day Eight Arts Advocacy and Swing Left.


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