Another news anchor has left “troubled” WTTG in D.C.,” reports FTVLive, which adds that “after 15 years on the air, Sarah Simmons becomes the latest to leave the station.

“Simmons follows the recent departures of Allison Seymour, Shawn Yancy, and Blake McCoy out the door at the station.

“Simmons anchored the stations 5, 6, and 11 pm news.

“With Simmons now gone, the station is down two main-anchors, both her and McCoy, who the station has never officially announced is gone from WTTG.

“She signed off on Friday (March 19, 2021) and so far there is no mention of her next move. Her co-anchor Jim Lokay posted about his co-anchor leaving and of course, he still felt the need to say that he would still be around anchoring the news.”

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  1. Ellen

    so sad 😞 because there are people out there who are much better than that one new black woman anchor from Georgia you need to ditch her Also it appears that your morning anchors do not look like me at all so sad 😞 so sickening 🤮 why don’t you just report the news and stop trying to have cheer leaders yelling at you at 5:30 AM Also stop whining about the weather when it is cooler yeah 🛑 it just report the weather And 🛑 complaining because it is not 112 degrees with 99 percent humidity if it is a bit cooler here for a couple of days Do is all a favor and just move back to Georgia or whoever you came from no one cares about your complaining no one wants to hear 👂 your nasty comments SuePalka is great very professional one of the very few at your station who is outstanding

  2. Tim

    It is a shame. I wish Sarah all the luck in the world . I thought she was a fox.I met Bob Barnard at a 7-11, should of got her number. Fox5’s format change sucks. Like it or Not- come on, quit your bitching. The morning is just as bad featuring nothing but fluff pieces. The new staff sucks.


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