Beyond Definition, a strategy and creative agency located in Silver Spring, Maryland, announced an extension of “Staying Connected During COVID-19”, the agency’s blog series that aims to inspire and inform mission-driven organizations. Beyond Definition is producing “Going Beyond”, a timely, informative and often humorous YouTube show that peels back the curtain on the world of digital marketing and communications. Host Mark DeVito, president of Beyond Definition, explores the challenges, opportunities and ideas that are driving brands forward in 2020 and beyond; alongside passionate leaders in technology, higher education, healthcare, non-profits and more.

 “This program gives us the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and bring their personal experience into focus, which we feel is better than agencies predicting the future of marketing and communication strategies from our vantage point, and it’s more fun!”
Mark DeVito, President, Beyond Definition

Here’s What You Can Expect

Each episode contains a unique look at how different brand leaders are adapting to their new normal through the lens of creativity, innovation, and strategy. At the heart of every episode is the guest’s unique story from the street that can help other businesses adapt. Going Beyond dives into relevant conversations that offer advice and perspective to not only survive the pandemic but thrive on the other side. One day, you might hear from the VP of Marketing at a world-renowned brand. The next it could be a documentarian or local business owner. The ultimate goal of Going Beyond is to offer insights rooted in reality to push organizations beyond their expectations.

So far, Beyond Definition has (virtually) sat down with several guests including:

Michelle Wildman, Owner of Steelfire Kitchen & Bar

The restaurant industry has been hit especially hard during the coronavirus pandemic. In episode one, Michelle Wildman, Owner of Steelfire Kitchen & Bar, dives into the strategies her business is using to adapt and uphold brand awareness while helping the local Maryland community. Watch episode one here.

Sam Patel, Senior Digital Analyst at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Every brand has a role to play during a crisis. Sam Patel, senior digital analyst at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, discusses how his organization is adapting to focus on helping those in need while building a Culture of Health. Watch episode two here.

Eric Woodall, Associate Vice President of Marketing at George Mason University

A big topic in the world right now is around higher education and the role that virtual learning has to play in the future of students. Eric Woodall, Associate Vice President of Marketing at George Mason University, provides an inside perspective on where this trend is headed. Watch episode three here.

Nabila Chami, Director of Brand Strategy at the National Aquarium

Learn how the National Aquarium is staying connected with their audience, despite being closed during the pandemic. Nabila Chami, director of brand strategy,  shares how her team is using social media as a tool for engagement and discusses why this trend may last beyond 2020. Watch episode four here.

Tune into Going Beyond on Beyond Definition’s YouTube page, where new episodes will be posted. You can also stay in touch with news on the series by following Beyond Definition on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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