By Dave Schleigh, HighRock

Matan, a Frederick-based commercial real estate developer and investor, has over 50 assets, totaling more than 6.2 million square feet, in the Washington, D.C., region. As a long-time client, Matan has worked with HighRock on developing their corporate and property websites, branding, 3D design, and other marketing projects, so when they approached us for ideas to engage potential tenants and buyers, we had the perfect solution – 360˚ Virtual Reality (VR) tours.

Saving Time with 360˚ VR Tours

Embedded directly on their existing website, these 360˚ VR tours not only save time for both Matan and the customer, but also offer a unique experience at an affordable price point.  Instead of delaying the leasing process by contacting the property to set up an in-person appointment for a later date, any interested tenant or buyer can quickly visit the website, tour the space, and view details about the property. Users can access the tours from their computer, tablet, or phone.  (Below is a video of the feature in action, but you can demo it live by clicking any property on Matan’s website.)

360˚ Views of Every Room

Each space that we photograph is different, so the specifics for camera placement and distance vary. No matter the location, we photograph the entire space using a specialized 360˚ camera, which allows you to move room-to-room as if you were actually on-site.

Integrating Hotspots and Custom Floorplans

The process of creating the virtual tour isn’t just as simple as having a fancy camera. In addition to stitching together the photographs for the 360˚ virtual tour, we label prominent features, such as the kitchen, conference/meeting rooms and storage, so the space can be easily navigated by potential tenants. Next, using CAD files provided by the client, our 3D team creates a custom floor plan that matches the polished look of the photographs themselves. Once all of the assets have been created, the technology team incorporates the floor plan into the 360˚ tour, resulting in a seamless, high-quality virtual tour experience.

The end product is a cost-effective and easy-to-use tool that provides users with an inside look at your space. Whether you’re looking to lease, sell or simply offer customers a unique perspective, or need a 3D Virtual Tour of a future space that’s not yet built or completedcontact the team at HighRock for a quote on developing your own 360˚ Virtual Tour!

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