The DAS Group of Companies, a division of Omnicom Group Inc.,  announced the acquisition of D.C.-based DDC Advocacy, a firm that conducts advocacy campaigns for major corporations, trade associations, business coalitions and nonprofits. DDC Advocacy, a player in technology-based, fully integrated public affairs and grassroots communications, will offer its services across Omnicom’s companies.

Founded in 1996, DDC Advocacy employs technology and data through Democracy Direct, its proprietary Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) platform. The technology platform uses data-driven insights to conduct campaign-style advocacy programs that help clients achieve business and policy goals.

DDC Advocacy’s capabilities span several key areas: integrated campaign-style services, including paid and earned media, experiential events, and constituent outreach through field operatives and its advocacy centers; strategic planning and media buying; market research, including audience modeling and microtargeting, geospatial social media, and database cluster/mapping analyses; and SaaS (Software as a Service)-based CRM and marketing automation platforms, including hosted websites and database management for political action committees.

“As part of The DAS Group of Companies, we gain huge opportunity to take our new model of public affairs solutions to other partner agencies across the networks,” said B.R. McConnon, founding partner, chairman and CEO of DDC Advocacy. “Becoming part of DAS will help our team to expedite DDC Advocacy’s expansion and continued innovation in the public affairs market and beyond.”

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