One of the sessions at the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit, Friday, September 15, will present the behind-the-scenes creation of the latest No Kid Hungry initiative, #hangry. Jennifer Simmons Kaleba, senior manager of cause marketing at No Kid Hungry, will share the stage with LAI Video’s Senior Creative Director, James Favata, and Vice President, James Loizou.

During the past next month, the team has done a cross-country bus tour to recruit local communities to help ensure all kids get the nutritious food they need. Each stop centered around a series of events coordinated with partnering restaurants and celebrity influencers. From high school football games to morning talk shows, they have been making noise and gotten people talking about this serious issue. They have developed creative messaging and delivery of the messaging that not only explains “hanger” with jaw-dropping statistics, but also invites participants to submit their own hangry messages. The goal has been to have a tapestry of hangry voices that are more informed and committed to this issue than they were before.

The tour ends tomorrow and the campaign will be presented at the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit. For more information and the agenda visit:

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