Thanks to MyEyeDr., you might turn on your television set or thumb through your social feed to notice there’s a new “disorder” plaguing those with poor vision: Resting Squint Face.

Also known as RSF (#RSF on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), it’s a perpetual look of anger and distrust that affects the relationships of millions of Americans. RSF can strike even the happiest of people, causing unwarranted drama.

But, sufferers aren’t upset, they’re just near-sighted, far-sighted or screen-fatigued. And MyEyeDr. has the cure: a professional eye exam and huge selection of stylish frames all in one place.

To help bring an end to the RSF epidemic, MyEyeDr., worked with D.C.-area creative advertising agency SmithGifford, a Capitol Communicator sponsor, to create a brand awareness campaign. Social media teasers used statistics to highlight some of the unwanted side effects of RSF. For example, the recent banning of flashlight apps in some of the city’s most exclusive restaurants. The full campaign, capturing resting squint face in its natural habitat and highlighting the awkward moments RSF can cause, launched May 23 in targeted media channels including TV, pre-roll videos, radio, print, digital and social.

Previous marketing campaigns focused primarily on promotional messages to specific demographics, while communications are aimed at a wider audience. Social media buys, influencer marketing and an associate sharing program will all play a role in reaching GenX and Millennials with a preventative eye health message.


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