Snapchat has launched Snapchat Partners, “its long-anticipated advertising API (application programming interface), which will hook up more than 20 tech-minded companies, reports Adweek.

The Adweek article, in part, added:

“The API promises to expand advertising dramatically on the platform in the long run. “Different marketers have different objectives, and we just want to make it easier for them to buy ads on the platform,” Khan explains. “We want [brands] to have a place where they can tell their stories, you know, in a better way.”

“The API means that Snapchat ads will, for the first time, be sold by third parties, and will be divided by two kinds of collaborators: Ads Partners and Creative Partners. The first group will develop software for Snapchat advertisers, enabling buying, optimizing and analyzing of campaigns. Ads Partners includes 4C, Amobee, VaynerMedia, Brand Networks, SocialCode, TubeMogul, Adaptly and Unified.”

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