The Daily Record inducted Barb Clapp, president & CEO of Clapp Communications, into its “Circle of Leadership” and recognized Sandy Hillman, president of Sandy Hillman Communications, and Amy Elias, founder and CEO of Profiles Inc. as two of Maryland’s 2016 Most Admired CEOs.

The Daily Record created the Most Admired CEOs awards program to recognize talented business CEOs and nonprofit executive directors throughout Maryland for their leadership and professionalism. This year’s winners were selected by a panel of business and legal professionals and a representative of The Daily Record.

“Strong decision making, creativity, leadership and commitment to a better Maryland defines this year’s Most Admired CEOs,” said Suzanne Fischer-Huettner, publisher of The Daily Record. “They are leaders who have in-depth knowledge about running a company or organization yet also inspire and motivate others to achieve their goals. The Daily Record is honored to recognize their outstanding leadership.”

The 2016 Most Admired CEOs will be honored Sept. 22 at a dinner at the BWI Hilton. A total of 26 CEOs made this year’s list. Upon winning three times, a CEO is retired to the Circle of Leadership.

Photo: 2016 Most Admired CEOs by The Daily Record

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