The Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW), in collaboration with Ad 2 DC, is proud to announce its newest advertising campaign, “Art Sparks.” Launched April 1, the campaign emphasizes the benefits of a youth arts education at CHAW and showcases how art sparks confidence, creativity, and community for students.

One of the highlights of the “Art Sparks” campaign is a commercial featuring stop-motion videography of current students, ranging from 3 to 15 years old, who depict the diversity of the CHAW family. Filmed onsite at CHAW, the students proudly share their talents in dance, music, ceramics, and visual art, and finally are shown together with dazzling sparklers in hand, emphasizing the spirit and unity of CHAW.

Classes at CHAW offer so much more than painting a picture or dancing on stage,” says Jill Strachan, CHAW’s executive director. “They’re really about the confidence your child will gain and carry throughout life, finding their creative side, and making new friends from other communities.”

CHAW’s video commercial is featured on News Channel 8/ABC 7 and YouTube. Other components of the multimedia campaign, which runs through June, can be found on iHeartRadio’s DC partner stations (WASH-FM, WBIG-FM, WIHT-FM, WMQZ-FM, WWDC-FM), in print in the Washington FAMILY Magazine and El Tiempo Latino, and online on,, and on Digilant Media’s partner sites, including

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