Facebook found more flaws in its ad stats and is making changes to give advertisers more accurate numbers, reports Ad Age.

According to Ad Age:

“This time Facebook said it will tweak how it estimates the potential audience size for new campaigns, an area where advertisers have been saying the figures seemed off.

“”We are updating how we calculate the numbers that appear in our estimated reach tool — found when creating an ad,” Facebook said in a blog post on Friday.

“”We’re improving our methodology for sampling and extrapolating potential audience sizes,” Facebook said. “This will help to provide a more accurate estimate for a given target audience and to better account for audiences across multiple platforms”

“Facebook is also updating how it reports the number of reactions to live videos — when people click emojis to register their opinions about the content. And it said it found an error in how it counts likes and shares on posts.

“It’s the third time since November that Facebook has disclosed reporting errors on metrics that advertisers rely on to plan or measure their campaigns.”

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