The state of Maryland has launched a “mobile-first” design on its official website, Mobile-first refers to designing and developing websites for smaller screen sizes, such as those found on smartphones. The newly designed state website focuses on providing quick access to online services and user personalization features.

Visitor analytics and mobility drove the mobile-first design with up to 50 percent of visitors accessing the portal and agency websites on a mobile device. The portal serves as the gateway for the 63 million visitors to Maryland state agency websites each year.

User analytics show Online Services continue to be a top pick for visitors, along with the unique Insta-Search, which facilitates quick access to services and information across the enterprise of Maryland government. In the past year, Maryland has launched more than 30 new mobile-ready online services and has improved access to hundreds of online state government services through its search results, Online Services Directory, MyMARYLAND Clipboard, and the Featured area within each main navigation section.



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  1. Phill Thompson

    It’s interesting that they chose a parallel mobile site instead of a responsive website. Nonetheless, the mobile site looks good and no doubt achieves their aims!


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