By Beth Nelan, Carousel30

Every week, we pick our favorite top digital and marketing stories from the week that we think you should know about – and this week it’s turned into more of a weekly app-wrap with a host of new, exciting apps launched (or launching soon). Here’s our top five:

The New Google “Inbox” App
It’s time to rethink how you email. The new Google Inbox app mashes together Gmail with Google+ and Google Now to form a new super-child application, capable of scanning your email to highlight what’s most important to you. Flight reservation? You can confirm it directly through Inbox’s new action buttons. Need to remind yourself to follow-up on an email? No worries; just hit snooze and you can postpone the email to deal with it later. Intrigued? Check out the full features on ReadWrite.

Charlie: For Business Stalking
Web app concept, Charlie, will check out your Google Calendar entries and email you automatically-generated one-pagers on who you’re about to meet. The app promises to provide data equivalent to 57 Google searches – pulling everything from shared connections, to common interest categories. So if you’d like to find out whether your 2pm shares your love of fishing, head over to Charlie’s website.

Facebook Turns Anonymous
Introducing “Rooms” – Facebook’s new anonymous social app. Users of the new app can create a “room” on any topic which can then be customized with colors, icons and photos. While the app is in some ways a throwback to chat room culture that emerged in the 90’s, it promises so much more and addresses the online trend towards anonymity. Do you think it has huge potential? Or will it add to the collection of discarded social apps that never attracted enough of a crowd? Read more about Rooms.

Microsoft Garage Launches a Trio of Apps
Voice control, geo-targeting and customization, oh my! Built for Android, Microsoft announced three brand-spanking new apps that throw a twist on the latest industry trends. From a customizable lock screen, to a Foursquare-esque app for journeys (as opposed to destinations); the trio are just the start of what the Garage community is capable of.

PhotoMath: The New Calculator
Who needs to learn math when your phone can do it all for you? With the new app, PhotoMath, users can snap a photo of a math problem and the app will calculate the answer. Currently supporting basic arithmetic and other simple functions, the app is also restricted to printed problems – so your handwritten notes won’t work. Read more about PhotoMath on Forbes.

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