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Capitol Communicator has a post by Greg Kihlström that AI's impact on business, particularly in the marketing world, cannot be ignored.

AI for Marketers: The Hype and Reality of Generative AI

by | Aug 3, 2023

By Greg Kihlström

Artificial intelligence’s impact on business today, particularly in the marketing world, cannot be ignored. From the unprecedented adoption of ChatGPT to the constant buzz around new AI-based features, we are bombarded with information. But amidst the hype, marketing leaders and their teams must determine how to leverage AI effectively for their work and customers.

Over four articles, we are going to delve into the different categories of AI and their significant impact on marketers and customers. We also highlight potential pitfalls to avoid. You might already be familiar with some of these AI types, but given the dynamic nature of this field, it’s crucial to stay updated.

Now, let’s closely examine Generative AI, which comprises tools that generate text, images, and other media based on prompts. 

What it is

Generative AI is a remarkable technology that utilizes existing text, imagery, and data to create fresh content. By leveraging powerful technologies like GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) and Stable Diffusion, these AI models are trained on specific or general datasets, enabling them to generate impressive results.

Let’s delve into some popular tools employed in Generative AI:

  1. ChatGPT or Google Bard (text)
  2. DALL-E or MidJourney (images)

Now, here’s how it works: You simply provide a prompt, and the AI gets to work. For example, with Microsoft’s integrated ChatGPT interface on Edge browser, you can request five brilliant ideas for an AI and marketing blog post. And guess what? It delivers just that. Or you can experiment with an image generation tool and ask it to create an image where a unicorn jumps over the Brooklyn Bridge. (See above)  The possibilities are endless, and I encourage you to give it a try.

Remember, the output generated by these tools is based on prior learning from source texts, images, or other materials. As the underlying technology evolves, the quality of the output improves. Embrace the potential of Generative AI and unlock unparalleled creativity in your content generation endeavors.

Why it’s worth paying attention to 

Generative AI holds immense value for marketers, deserving their attention and exploration. Although still nascent, it serves as a powerful idea generator, supplying a multitude of creative possibilities. When strapped for time, asking ChatGPT for blog post ideas can yield 3-4 solid concepts, surpassing the daunting task of brainstorming. Consider Generative AI as a foundational tool, ideal for combating writer’s block or conveying rough visual concepts to illustrators and designers.

Moreover, Generative AI serves as a valuable starting point, facilitating various tasks, albeit with the understanding that it offers preliminary drafts. While it may not solely function as a personalization engine, it does showcase fascinating applications within its limitations. Text-based generation of personalized variations and image-based outputs, mindful of copyright and brand-safe elements, have already found limited usage. This realm exhibits substantial potential, particularly regarding the challenges associated with scaling content for hyper personalization. Embrace Generative AI as an opportunity to unlock new avenues of creativity and efficacy in marketing endeavors.

Near-term potential

Marketers can anticipate exciting advancements in Generative AI in the near future. Despite the room for improvement, this technology holds immense potential. Utilizing it as an idea generator or a creative content catalyst unlocks endless possibilities. Perhaps that’s why you’ve been hearing so much about Generative AI lately. Notably, ChatGPT has achieved unrivaled popularity as the fastest adopted software platform to date.

Moreover, as the quality of outputs improves and the ability to ensure brand safety advances, marketers can expect greater personalization opportunities. This progress enables precise control over source material and ensures compliance with brand guidelines. Embrace the opportunities that lie ahead with Generative AI!

What to watch out for

Generative AI can introduce avoidable errors into otherwise compelling text or visuals. Consider early examples where images portrayed humans with four fingers or in impossible poses – rendering them not quite ready for prime time.

Although these errors are now less common due to improved image tools, nuanced issues still arise. For example, watch out for anomalous background imagery or inaccuracies in depictions of anonymous individuals within a crowd.

Furthermore, a larger concern lies in the legal rights of the source material utilized by Generative AI. Since AI models derive their responses from existing materials, the sources of these materials play a crucial role. Care must be taken to avoid using copyrighted images as source material to prevent issues related to plagiarism and copyright infringement.

Already, lawsuits have emerged surrounding this matter, with the potential for more to follow.


Generative AI boasts captivating current uses and holds vast potential. However, marketers must exercise caution before wholeheartedly embracing its adoption. In the upcoming article of this series, we will explore another realm in which AI can make a significant impact on marketing: predictive analytics.

You can learn more about this and other types of artificial intelligence in my book, The Agile Brand Guide to AI & Marketing, available in print, digital and audiobook formats.

Images created using Dall E2

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