WTOP radio has helped a listener utilize a commercial to help pop the question to his girlfriend.

According to the D.C-based station, Mark Brill and his now fiancée Phyllis Liebman had a romantic, sunrise engagement on Bethany Beach, DE, while live streaming WTOP.  Liebman believed they were listening to WTOP because her employer, MRP Realty, had purchased advertising and she was tasked with verifying that the commercials aired.

According to a release, WTOP Sales Manager Skip Quast played an important role by helping Brill produce his spot and ensuring that it aired at the precise time the sun was rising.

Quast said, “We get a lot of businesses calling in for advertising information but when I received a call in May from Mark asking if he could buy time to propose to his girlfriend, it was a first.  He explained how WTOP was his favorite station and said he was planning to ask her in August.  I let him know we might be able to help him out and asked him to give me a call when he was ready.  Wasn’t sure I would hear back from him but he called again in July.  He set a date.  We got him into the studio to cut his proposal and arranged for it to air at 6:07 a.m. Saturday, August 8th.  It really is a feel good story and I am happy we were able to help and make it a special day for both of them.  Best wishes Mark  and Phyllis!”


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