BRINK is a creative digital agency who believes there is a lot of waste among marketing and communications agencies: waste in time, resources and opportunity. This is why the agency of record is becoming an endangered species and more innovative brands are building in-house content studios. Agencies have to adapt to survive.

That is the our mission with the BRINKdown, a monthly series that cuts the nonsense and examines the practical actions we should be taking to best serve our clients. The series is produced by BRINK, a DC-based creative studio that connects art and technology to solve human problems. BRINK recently launched a unique lightweight content studio called the Social Studio, learn more at:

Episode 5 focuses on the value of hiring passionate folks. After all, you can teach someone how to do the job but you can’t teach passion. How do you know if an applicant has passion? Watch the video to find out…

Check out episodes one, two, three and four.
(BRINK is a Capitol Communicator sponsor.)

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